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Thursday, March 27, 2008

M.O.B. Exotics and Maserati of Baltimore Gets Welcome Press from La Strada Maestra

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Excerpt from March 2008 Edition of “La Strada Maestra”

Maserati of Baltimore has strengthened ties with the duPont Registry, the classified marketplace for high-end new and used cars.

At the Baltimore Auto Show last month, duPont used High Road cars to decorate each of its displays. “We provided the bling for duPont,” MOB general manager Jack Davis says. The monthly publication will begin featuring the M*O*B Exotic Car Gallery, a full-page display of pre-owned Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis from our inventory. Look for the M*O*B Exotic Car Gallery on our back page as well in the coming months.

Jack says the Baltimore Show gets better year by year. “This year we met many of the area’s movers and shakers. They were excited about our exhibit. Of course, it didn’t hurt that everywhere you looked, you saw one of our cars, either in our space or one of the many duPont displays throughout the building.”

We hope you are pleased with the expanded newsletter format we introduced last month [through FOW]. We didn’t get a chance to mention it then, but the electronic (pdf) version now features clickable links. These are indicated with red double arrows. For example, will take you to our website. Web surfers who receive the printed version of “La Strada Maestra” may wish to download the pdf as well, if only to take advantage of this interactive feature.


Saturday, March 22, 2008


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Originally uploaded by M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery

Chef Tony Gambino does it again… be sure to ask him about the “Seafood Lamborghini” special for guests visiting from M.O.B. Exotics. We’ll look forward to having lunch AND dinner with you again really soon!

Ciao, Bella!
Located in the Heart of Little Italy Baltimore:
236 S. High Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Toll Brothers, Clydes of Broadlands, and M.O.B. Exotics Open Doors to Future Relationship

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March 20, 2008 M.O.B. Exotics visits with Toll Brothers at Clyde’s of Broadlands

Business after hours, anyone? On a blustery Thursday evening, with a breeze that put a chill through our bones, we were welcomed to Clyde’s of Broadlands at Willow Creek Farm by Smita Lal of Toll Brothers homes. Every third Thursday of the month, real estate developers, executives, and professionals are welcomed to the unique farmhouse setting for a private party in the rear bar. Why was M.O.B. Exotics there? It’s simple–in the million dollar plus homes with three or more car garage virtues peppered all over the nations and heavy on the Eastern Seaboard, we were invited to help our Maseratis, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis to find their way home. Meeting with Andrew Cope, Sales Manager for the Waterford Ridge section in Waterford, Virginia, we were happy to discuss future ventures previewing our luxury automobiles at private venues (such as his plan to have dinner evenings where the executive chefs of DC prepare meals for small groups of elite customers and clientele in the model homes). We were also delighted to meet with Janet Sobie from GLOBAL IMPACT and her husband Walter Sobie of “The Bender Group” (serving the real estate clients of Old Town Alexandria and the Outer Banks). With cocktails flowing and a lovely, relaxed environment for the 50+ guests to enjoy, we were happy to offer all the developers and agents an open invitation to visit our dealerships both here in Maryland and at Ferrari of Washington in the coming months. We also finally had a chance to meet Yvonne Jansen, Sales Manager for Belmont Country Club, an Ashburn, Virginia Toll Brothers community. With the upcoming Summer Music Festivals and Golf Tournaments, we’ll look forward to bringing some of our cars down to do a “tour of country club homes”. Thank you, Smita! Lemon Drop Martinis again with you real soon…

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery Photos ONLINE for Public Viewing

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Flicker Photos of Maserati of Baltimore from Jack Davis and Family Are Available At…


Ferrari of Washington Maserati of Washington


Maserati of Baltimore

Monday, March 17, 2008

MOB EXOTICS and Meatballs with Chef Tony Gambino

March 16, 2008: MOB EXOTICS and Meatballs? Dining with Baltimore’s own Chef Tony Gambino

Baltimore, thank you so much for welcoming us with open arms. This weekend we we so pleased to have had our first chance to visit a chic local restaurant our friend Christina Gonzales of Premier Rides has been talking about with such enthusiasm–Ciao Bella Restaurant in the heart of downtown’s Little Italy. After a long but fun week at the store, Christina met us downtown. We parked her car off-site near her office, scooped her up in a lipstick red and HOT little Maserati Grandsport (coupe) and she led us right to the front door, where the owner and doormen were delighted to give us “Front Door ROCK STAR PARKING” for the evening. [Always good news.]

Inside, the ambiance was casual and warm. Everything was upscale, but we were still comfortable on a cold night in denim slacks and cashmere. Sportcoats would have been welcome on all the guys, but I can’t imagine the staff would ever shun anyone hungry who came in without a tie–and the ladies (we suspect) are always comfortably attired here whatever the fashion or season. The waitstaff was prompt to seat us right at the window without our even needing to ask, and everyone from busboys to parking attendants were polite, friendly, and gracious. Bottom line, from the moment we pulled up at the curb, we knew were were in for a treat.

Wandering away from the kitchen and past the hockey game on the big flat screen over the well-stocked bar, Chef Tony Gambino ambled over to say hello. Once he realized we were newly arriving locals, he flashed a big smile, made a string of jokes, and (to us) felt like an instant friend. Now, knowing that we already made it through our Calamari with fresh Marinara and some of the best Clams Casino around did not make us any LESS comfortable when we met him(as much as we are food lovers)–but his award winning personality was the personification of charm in the Charm City. Between the food and fun, it is obvious to us why Tony is loved by everyone in town.

Tony, for those unfamiliar, is a local Baltimore star in his own right. Beyond tending to his own restaurant fare, he’s a regular DJ now on one of the local Rock radio stations; fans and friends can also watch him hosting his own cooking segment on Baltimore’s own Fox 45:

“Tony Gambino serves up traditional Itailian fare with a homemade feel, including seafood and family size pasta platters. Ciao Bella Restaurant is a customer friendly treasure in the Heart of Little Italy Baltimore.”

COOKING WITH TONY GAMBINO on the morning News Edition FOX 45; Every second Thursday and Last Thursday of Every month @ 8:45 am

All in all, we had a wonderfully relaxing evening. The food, company, wine, and atmosphere was just the right combination to make for the end of another great Baltimore week and to get us ready to do Monday right. We couldn’t have had a better end to our day or a start of what we hope will be a long and wonderful family dining and “handshake promotion” friendship with Ciao Bella.

As for the “SPECIAL SAUCE”: Chef Tony Gambino has been so good as to extend a parking invitation to MOB EXOTIC Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini drivers; call ahead to have dinner at his place, tell him Jack from M.O.B. Exotics sent you, and he’ll reserve a spot out front for you. Like he says , “I joke all the time on my shows that I am promoting Little Italy’s Restaurant MOB and Meatballs… Now, finally, we have a highline Italian car store [Maserati of Baltimore] and now Jack with MOB Exotics has wandered into my place. What could be better? You come and eat here. We’ll make you and your beautiful cars feel right at home.” How cool.

We’re gonna take you up on that offer, Tony. Not only do we need to head back in soon for some Fresh Lobster Tettrazini, your famous Veal Saltimbocca,  and the Filet Portifino, the Cannolis “for the road” have us hooked. We’ll see you Saturday… around 8? [We’ll call ya, man–no worries. We’ve got some goodies for you from the store to bring along, too, from the boutique. 40 or 42.] 

Ciao Bella: great owner, great staff, phenomenal food.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Party at “Park at Fourteenth”–Happy Birthday Caron Butler from Maserati of Baltimore

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Birthday Celebration: Caron Butler, #3, Washington Wizards

Caron Butler - Washington Wizards Caron Butler, Forward for the Washington Wizards, celebrated his 28th Birthday in style and M.O.B. Exotics was happy to be there and wish him a perfect day. Butler planned a smash party, and guests were delighted with both the all-star crowd and the glitz and glam of the night. Held at the upscale venue of the Park at Fourteenth, the “special VIP guests” out front included a pearl yellow Lamborghini Gallardo courtesy of Jack Davis from M.O.B. Exotics (driven by Representative Alfred Ramos), and other bad boy toys such as a Black Lamborghini Diablo and Black Murcialago. Of course, other star A-listers were there as well, including socialite and party Hostess Kim Kardashian and club owner Mark Barnes. Happy Birthday, Caron… thanks for inviting us to come out and play to share your special night!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

VIP Parking: One of the best reasons we can think of to stop and park for a while is to visit Baltimore’s Capital Grille…

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March 12, 2008 Capital Grille Baltimore Luncheon and Executive Meeting with Mbalt Reps

MOB EXOTICS and Maserati of Baltimore unite to join forces with the Capital Grill, 500 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202, phone 443.703.4064 to welcome all our guests, clients and visitors to the Greater Baltimore Washington region and the heart of the Inner Harbor. Details to be announced, but expect to see a lot more Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Ferraris on display for visitors to the Capital Grill in the coming seasons, and some future special event promotions, too. With the finest luxury automobiles in town, our group is happy to work as Ambassadors for the Capital Grille Baltimore and their guests, and we feel very fortunate to be able to have such a wonderful opportunity to promote their hospitality and food. Special thanks to Jack Davis and Alfred Ramos for spearheading this very special and unique community event promotion, and the Capital Grille for requesting our participation. For more information contact

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YouTube Video of the New 2008 Grantourismo

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YouTube – – 2008 Maserati GranTurismo

The unveiling of the new 2008 Maserati GranTurismo in New … The Maserati/Ferrari dealer of Baltimore/Towson was there and he allowed us to check it all out. …

Maserati Leasing Options and Flexible Purchase Payment Terms Available at Maserati of Baltimore

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It doesn’t have to be
cash and carry.

They can offer you terms you can’t refuse.

If you’d rather finance or lease than pay cash, just ask. Maserati of Baltimore and MOB Exotics has the flexibility to satisfy all requirements for the purchase of your next highline or luxury car investment. Years of experience dealing with exotic cars for an exclusive clientele means that we can put together a program that fits your desires, and Jack Davis is the best in the business when it comes to finding the unique combination of car options and payment terms to suit you.

Email Jack Davis ( or call him directly to begin the discussion process. When you come to visit you will be able to relax and enjoy our automotive museum quality atmosphere in Timonium. So, relax, have a cappuccino and let us take care of the details of making sure you can drive your next favorite thing home with you.

Baltimore Auto Show 2008

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Features and Attractions – Motor Trend International Auto Show …

Showcasing exotic vehicles from Ferrari & Maserati, courtesy of Ferrari Maserati of Washington & Maserati of Baltimore.… [Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,]
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