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Thursday, March 27, 2008

M.O.B. Exotics and Maserati of Baltimore Gets Welcome Press from La Strada Maestra

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Excerpt from March 2008 Edition of “La Strada Maestra”

Maserati of Baltimore has strengthened ties with the duPont Registry, the classified marketplace for high-end new and used cars.

At the Baltimore Auto Show last month, duPont used High Road cars to decorate each of its displays. “We provided the bling for duPont,” MOB general manager Jack Davis says. The monthly publication will begin featuring the M*O*B Exotic Car Gallery, a full-page display of pre-owned Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis from our inventory. Look for the M*O*B Exotic Car Gallery on our back page as well in the coming months.

Jack says the Baltimore Show gets better year by year. “This year we met many of the area’s movers and shakers. They were excited about our exhibit. Of course, it didn’t hurt that everywhere you looked, you saw one of our cars, either in our space or one of the many duPont displays throughout the building.”

We hope you are pleased with the expanded newsletter format we introduced last month [through FOW]. We didn’t get a chance to mention it then, but the electronic (pdf) version now features clickable links. These are indicated with red double arrows. For example, will take you to our website. Web surfers who receive the printed version of “La Strada Maestra” may wish to download the pdf as well, if only to take advantage of this interactive feature.

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