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Monday, April 14, 2008

Been there, done that… have you got the T-shirt?

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MOB Tshirts 

M.O.B. Exotic T-shirts make great gifts for yourself or other race fans who like owning limited edition collectibles.

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You asked, we complied. In the softest cotton, too.

M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery Fans from across the country can look forward to sporting MOB GEAR to their next car rally or local race fan event. Call us today and we’ll get your order filled right away, or email to request more information about the Race Fan Boutique items we are going to be selling regularly to our auto collectors who like the thrill of the auction hunt on eBay.

This first edition run of shirts we had made special at the request of our friend Tony Gambino of 98 Rock, FOX, and Ciao Bella so he would have something comfortable and fun to wear out and about for broadcast day. He’s got the most exotic car friendly restaurant parking in Baltimore’s Little Italy. Whether you stop by for a quick lunch, to have an appetizer and a drink after work, or come to visit for a long, relaxing meal and a great bottle of wine in the evening, his is the place downtown that makes you want to stay.

Glad you loved the shirt, Tony… and three cheers for everyone else who has already bought one to add to their race fan collectible merchandise or car enthusiast wardrobe already to date! More shirts, hats, jackets, toys, jewelry, driving glasses, and other goodies are on their way, including a plan in the works to be able to bring items for sale to car shows, cultural festivals, and swap meets all around the Mid-Atlantic region so our fans can say hey.

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