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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three Perfect Pairs of Visitors from Maserati of Baltimore Arrive at “Ciao Bella”

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Maserati & Lamborghini, Kadrieka Maiden & Patrick Valme, and Jack & Kae Davis were all visiting Ciao Bella Restaurant of Baltimore’s “Little Italy” on Saturday Night to meet with Owner and Chef Tony Gambino

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Chef Tony Gambino knocks the Seafood Lamborghini out of the Park for M.O.B. Exotics and friends. Know by common diners as the “Sucre Rosa”, our special favorite dish combines all the right exotic touches to rub our car hearts just right. Combining the freshest shrimp and deep sea scallops with a bit of onion, spinach, and a dash of fresh marinara made with Roma tomatoes fresh off the vine, Ciao Bella chefs create a Marsala Wine cream sauce that can only be described as, “Simply divine.” With a healthy dash of freshly grated aged Romano cheese and some freshly baked Italian bread on the side, Tony recommends a nice big glass or two of the deep red house wine.

Jack Davis, GM of Maserati of Baltimore, is so fond of the food at Ciao Bella that he eats there now all the time. On this beautiful night, one of the first warm evenings of the Spring season, we brought the stars out to meet with local Celeb Tony (gourmet and owner of the restaurant) and to have a few relaxing hours showing off the cars downtown while we dined. The sparkle and pop for the evening came rolling down through Roland Park, headed for St. Paul via Charles Street. After a brief top-down road trip jog through the Baltimore city Arts district and then right down past the Convention Center and Inner Harbor on Pratt Street, the tandem duo of super exotic cars was ready to make the swing down Exeter to head back up the one way drive to Tony’s place on High Street, the lovely and inviting Ciao Bella Restaurant.

Rolling up in a Maserati or Lamborghini always creates quite a stir in the neighborhoods of Baltimore–offering drivers the opportunity to play in traffic while doing a little networking business and promoting car guy good will. Jack and Kae Davis of know how to promote the luxury car brands right. New sales staff Patrick Valme is no stranger to branding and product promotion. He and girlfriend Kadrieka Maiden of Style & Image Network met while she was promoting celebrity pet charity Fashion Fights Poverty from Washington and he was promoting Fashion Fights Poverty Miami. We were so happy to have them both with us for the meeting that evening to discuss Maserati, Baltimore Style, and Celebrity fashion.

Mob Exotics friends and family, if you are thinking about polishing up one of your exotic cars and taking a lively showcase drive downtown in Baltimore, consider making your final destination for an afternoon lunch or dinner evening Ciao Bella. Tony’s always glad when our clients bring their cars down for a visit–and he loves when we bring the cars we have for sale at the dealership down for a rock star parking visit, too. With the group of us chatting it up and taking our time getting inside the restaurant to talk some business together over a meal, the cars parked at the front door began to draw yet another appreciative dinner time crowd. Your car will be safely parked, well cared for, and we can promise the most friendly and relaxing of fine dining evenings. Tell Tony we sent you… and make sure to call ahead and ask for “Maserati of Baltimore” front door reserved parking.

Ciao Bella is located in the heart of Baltimore’s famous “Little Italy” section at 236 High Street in Baltimore, Maryland. Reservations can be made for parking in advance by calling 410-685-7733 and telling them you are a MOB EXOTICS customer calling for Tony and telling the staff you need to reserve a space for your Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or other highline exotic car from our gallery.

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