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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rain or Shine September 6th, 2008 is the “Maserati of Baltimore Rally for the Troops” Charity Benefit for the USO Metro–a note from Kae

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Kae Davis, Guest Services

Kae Davis, Guest Services

Greetings, all.

My name is Kae Davis and as many of our friends and associates know, I’m the girl in charge of this blog. I specialize in IT Marketing and co-ordinating special events. My email has been flooded this morning with guest and volunteer concerns about the weather. I just wanted to take a quick moment on the record to clarify some “off the record” details to pass along to Travelers coming from all across the Mid-Atlantic Region.

We are having a rain or shine event. If the rain is bad or we have high winds, our outdoor cafes and food court areas will move indoors.

Maserati of Baltimore (as an event venue) can comfortably hold 400-600 people with ample floor space remaining to move about–even peppered with a smattering of beautiful Italian high end luxury and ultra-exotic supercars. The great space and atmosphere our MOB EXOTICS staff has been creating this past year leaves me confident everyone will have an excellent day mingling with one another, checking out the automobiles, and eating some amazing food (whether we do it all indoors or out).

As for planning, my team of assistants from Prestigious Innovations, Reign Model Management, and Adore Entertaining are right on top of it all. We (fortunately) had already planned for a great deal of indoor seating for the comfort of our guests–so if we have hurricane winds or related storm fallout, we are setting the event up that morning based on whatever report puts out.


If we can’t run the rally due to wind, the guests will still be receiving the gift bag, having both breakfast and lunch, and can mail in their rally clues. The car show outdoor area will go on as planned. Guests can view the lot from our large windows while enjoying music, lunch, heavy appetizers, and can make themselves at home indoors. For walker safety and comfort, we recommend all our guests and staff wear comfortable soft soled shoes (as pavement and hard tile floors can take their toll on leather soles, especially in wet weather conditions.

The Davis Family

The Davis Family

So that’s the scoop. Rain or shine, we’re in this for the troops as a military-supporting family. If you decide you need a hotel for before or after the event, we recommend staying at the Raddison Cross Keys. They have great rooms and are exotic car parking friendly (with ample covered parking space). We have had great luck with them housing travelers like Jack and myself when we were stuck between Maryland and Virginia due to snow or ice conditions, so if storms prevent safe distance travel, just plan to stay put.

If nothing else, like Jeanette Scott and husband TW reminded us, our brave soldiers are enduring far worse conditions all over the world. If we have to bring our cars out in the rain for a show of support to them and we get a little wet in the process, it’s a small sacrifice to make on their behalf compared to the one they are making for ours.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or to arrange indoor displays for special vehicles.


Kae Davis

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