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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Special Thanks to the Childrens Guild 2008 VIVA ITALIA: Concours D’Elegance Baltimore from Maserati of Baltimore and the M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery Guest Services Team in Maryland

Maserati of Baltimore Hospitality Area and MOB EXOTICS Race Fan Boutique

Maserati of Baltimore VIP Hospitality Area Lounge and the MOB EXOTICS Race Fan Boutique

Special Thanks to the Following Staff and Volunteer Members of the Childrens Guild Non-Profit Organization

The Children’s Guild is a nonprofit, child-serving organization founded in 1953, serving emotionally disturbed children through the provision of special education, group living, treatment foster care and mental health services in Maryland.

Maserati of Baltimore recognizes the Baltimore area Childrens Guild as an organization offering devoted services to the Maryland community. Thank you for allowing us to participate with your fund raising drive this year, the 2008 VIVA ITALIA: Concours D’Elegance.

Childrens Guild Board of Directors


Bonnie K. Heneson, Chairperson
Michael M. Gajewski, Vice Chairperson
William Purnell, Treasurer
Stephen L. Hecht, Secretary
Dennis Adams, Past Chairperson
Andrew L. Ross, President


Pamela Arth
Eric Aumann
Lisa Bender
L. Terry Carnes
Diane M. Eaton
Mindy Geppi
Wingrove S. Lynton
John A. Murkey
Marie L. Noplock
James R. Novick
Suzanne H. Pearce
H. Robert Stephan
Lori M. Trumble
Michael Wodka

Concours D’Elegance Committee

Chuck Leutner, Chair (Car Owner and FCA-MAR Representative)

Lori Trumble, Chair (Childrens Guild Representative)

Cathy Morgan-Dendrinos, Special Event Planning Consultant

Courtney Dunevant, Web Design and Marketing

Jeanette Scott, Car Show Organizer

John Erskine, Automotive Display Advisor

TW Scott, Parking & Staff Support

Randy Moss, Parking & Meeting Location Sponsor

Tim Dunevant, Parking Committee

Todd Rosenthal, Parking Assistant

Chuck Visconage, Parking Assistant

Mike Salsbury, Parking Assistant

Speed Millet, Motorcycle Coordinator

Joe Guyton, Motorcycles

Marie Noplock, Auction Coordinator

Susan Murer, Auction Assistant

Neil Young, Registration

Domenic Petrucci, Italian Liason

Crystal Jordan, Administrative Support

Richard Walker, Childrens Guild Representative



FCA-MAR and VOLUNTEERS from Maserati of Baltimore Guest Services Staff at the 2008 VIVA ITALIA Concours D’Elegance in Baltimore, MD Celebrating the Success of the Latest SPECIAL EVENT Day

FCA-MAR and VOLUNTEERS from Maserati of Baltimore Guest Services Staff at the 2008 VIVA ITALIA Concours D’Elegance in Baltimore, MD Celebrating the Success of the Latest SPECIAL EVENT Day Originally uploaded by M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery


Bill Ebert of the FCA-MAR (Ferrari Club of America Mid Atlantic Region), volunteer with the Baltimore area Childrens Guild, toasts the success of Exotic Car Lovers at putting on spectacular charity events.

The Childrens Guild put on an amazing show with the help of volunteers from local car and motorcycle clubs like Bill Ebert (Ferrari owner), Jeanette Scott (Lamborghini owner), and “Speed” (Ducati rider and owner of Speed Cycles). Thanks to the clever advertising and ad art design from Children’s Guild representatives, the city was ready and awaited the latest event anxiously.

With a bit of extra broad spectrum and regional promotion from Kae Davis (Maserati of Baltimore and MOB EXOTIC CAR GALLERY Guest Services Director, IT Marketing Consultant and hostess of and help from the staff and Guest Services department of M.O.B. Exotics handing out flyers through Maserati of Baltimore, the crowd turnouts have been impressive for 2008 despite daunting weather forecasts.

Hopefully, the gods and Muses of Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lamborghini, and Ducati will smile on all the next sets of annual events for the upcoming years as a result of the car community’s abiding faith in one another and perseverance in 2008 and bring us a healthy dose of sunshine for all of them. To that wish and goodwill expectations, we hope everyone from the car world reading here will raise their own glass and offer a future toast of cheers.


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