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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Places to Go and People to Know: Columbus visiting Baltimore Maryland’s Historic LITTLE ITALY? Get Ready to be at the 2008 Baltimore, Maryland Columbus Day Parade

Columbus visiting Baltimore Maryland’s Historic LITTLE ITALY
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Sunday, October 12, 2008 join your friends from Maserati of Baltimore and M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery at the Oldest Continuous Marching Parade in America!

Visit to learn more about Columbus Day Parade events in Downtown Baltimore’s Little Italy historic district.


10:30AM Exotic Car Owners and Maserati of Baltimore Guest Services Volunteers Meetup at MOB EXOTICS for cappuccino, tea, coffee, or espresso (1628 York Road, Lutherville Timonium, MD 21093)

11:00AM-11:30AM Maserati of Baltimore and M.O.B. Exotics Driver Caravan down I-83 to the Inner Harbor

12:00PM Join Parade lineup as sponsors or enter as spectators

3:00PM Rejoin after the Parade at Ciao Bella Restaurant on High Street

3:30-5:00 Mingle with Friends Downtown and enjoy the festival


10:00AM Wreath Laying Columbus Piazza (President Street)

11:00AM Parade Staging (Linwood Avenue)

1:00PM-3:00PM Columbus Day Parade

3:30PM Italian Tenors Performance (Elio Scaccio & Aaron Caruso) [We’ll aim to be near Vaccarros.]

Post Parade Evening:

Special Theme Hosting by Participating Little Italy Restaurants.


Kick Off at Linwood Avenue in Patterson Park ~ Proceed West onto Eastern Avenue ~ Right onto High Street ~ Disband on Central Avenue. Parade Reviewing Stand and Spectator Seating located at Intersection of Stiles and High Streets in Little Italy.

Visit for a review of past years’ events and to find out more about participating in this historically noteworthy Maryland area event.

The mission of Columbus Celebrations, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, is multi-faceted and includes the following: 1) To celebrate America and its discovery. 2) To celebrate our Italian as well as the multi-cultural heritage of our magnificent nation, the United States of America. 3) To support our community, our children and those less fortunate, through charity and creative fundraising events. 4) To continue the great tradition of Baltimore’s Columbus Day Parade, America’s oldest parade and celebration of its kind.


New Four Passenger Lamborghini ESTOQUE: High Road Auto Group’s Neil Stylinksi Speaks Up in a Review of the New FOUR DOOR SEDAN Concept

PARIS Lamborghini Estoque

Concept Car Debut

Author: Neil Stylinski Web Exclusive 

Wednesday October 1 2008 View Gallery

Excerpt from the NEW High Road Auto Group Newsletter Online Article Review

Baltimore Loves Lamborghini
Baltimore Loves Lamborghini…

Lamborghini apparently couldn’t contain its excitement about the concept car it calls Estoque, named for a bullfighter’s rapier [sword]. Slated for a formal reveal October 2, 2008 at the Paris Motor Show, the four-place, four-door sports sedan was shown off today in full-view, hi-res photos. And we can now see why Sant’Agata is so excited. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Estoque Paris Preview

Technical details are scant at this point. But the company is categorizing the drivetrain layout as mid-engine, the motor being located behind the front axle on a long 10-ft wheelbase. Naturally, all-wheel-drive is part of the mix, as is a suspension worthy of the supercar this is.

The company says the Estoque is but one of “several possibilities for a third model series in the Lamborghini product line-up.” We can only hope. In the meantime, check out the gallery by following the “read more” link. We’ll let you know how it goes in Paris this week.

Early Preview (August 4, 2008) to get a sense of the Estoque’s lines and proportions, watch this animation……

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