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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ferrari Fans WELCOME.

Meet Jack Davis, Auto Broker and friend.

Meet Jack Davis

Meet Jack Davis

Searching for a Pre-Owned Ferrari to buy, sell or trade? Creating or supplementing your own personal exotic car collection? Ready for a new kind of daily driver… one that can win the race and still be a show car in an automobile  parade?

Visit or call Maserati of Baltimore and ask for Jack Davis. You’ll find he is not just the general manager of a “run of the mill” luxury car dealership–he is a lifetime trusted auto dealer and an excellent auto broker to be able to add to your Rolodex and call a personal friend.

If you are in the mood to do some Internet research and go for a drive in a classic “previously enjoyed” Ferrari, head to to look into what Jack does differently with Ferrari Fans in the Mid-Atlantic region. We don’t simply offer owners a car–Jack works diligently to be sure to include clients and their families as part of the exotic car lover “club” lifestyle.

Contact him directly for all your investment grade automobile needs:

Call to make an appointment for a private showing or a ride in your next favorite Ferrari in Baltimore or Washington DC [Dulles, Virgina]. Don’t forget to ask for Jack–by the end of Spring Thaw 2009 in Baltimore, he’ll have the high test gourmet coffee and goodies ready and waiting for you to help carry you through the Washington and Virginia 2009-2010 racing, daily commuter traffic, and riding seasons.

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