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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Italianizzato Club a SMASHING SUCCESS: Next Italian Family Style Sunday Dinner with Sweet Lela’s at Maserati of Baltimore in the M.O.B. Exotics Car Gallery on January 11, 2009 RSVP Required

Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's

Come one, come all to an afternoon and early evening delight: Maserati of Baltimore Guest Services Staff are getting ready to host their next Italian family style sit down Sunday dinner in the M.O.B. Exotics Car Gallery alongside the M.O.B. Exotics race fan boutique the second weekend in January to celebrate 2009.


mob-exotics-fashion-section-ad-march-2008If you missed our last two private dinner events with special guest restaurant host Sweet Lela’s Market Cafe and Catering Company for our ride and dine in-house events at Mbalt, here’s what you missed, followed by a quick preview of what is coming up next.

Evening One: A Club is Born

Back in September, Sweet Lela’s catered a full seven course meal for twenty of our staff and personal client friends on the night Hurricane IKE stormed Galveston, Texas. As a small group, we were all able to meet and dine “King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table” style in our galley (the small main floor kitchen lounge area off the Race Fan Boutique). With all guests interested in watching the Weather Channel live throughout the night, Tony Iacampo (owner of Sweet Lela’s) and food manager Vincenzo kept us well fed and entertained during commercial breaks throughout the night.

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M.O.B. Exotics & Sweet Lela's Market Cafe IN HOUSE  Hurricaine IKE Night Dinner Party September 12, 2008 Beginning with a huge selection of his famous appetizers (antipasto plates so full and satisfying that they alone very often make up and entire meal for his restaurant cafe diners), we began the task of enjoying what was certainly one of the finest and most relaxing dinner evenings we have ever had. Moving forward to second courses, we were treated to cold seafood salad, fruit and cheese plates, followed by huge bowls of seafood chowder.

Already beyond most of our guests “belt capacity” as Jack Davis and Tony Syntax joked, we took a brief wine break while the crew from Sweet Lela’s joined us for a toast before bringing out the entrée courses. The surprises that followed were a joy to the palate. Beginning with a large tossed salad, we had the best lite fare transition into the main dish contributions from Tony’s “private family recipe” world. First, a stuffed and wrapped breast of chicken, brimming over with melted brie and panchetta. Next, a last entrée dish made from braised beef twice baked so tender, it was easily pulled apart with our forks. The treat? The dish was delicate and sweet, filled with white raisins and covered with the most delicate of a beef gravy–and though we can still recall the taste, we can’t remember what the dish is called.


As the night came closer to its end and we realized we had been eating and talking for nearly four hours, Tony and Vincenzo were delighted we were comfortable and pleased. Bringing out the most delicious lemon sorbet to help us end on a light note for the evening, we all enjoyed the tart treat alongside sweetened espresso. Saying goodnight somewhere just after midnight, the “Italianizzato Club” was born and we decided we simply had to create a ritual to give us and excuse to do this again.

For anyone wondering the origin of the name, “Italianizzato” means GET ITALIANIZED… and what better place is there to do it that with the staff and friends of the M.O.B. Exotics family? The favorite fanfare motto of our club is that the trouble with Italian food is that three days later you are hungry again.

Evening Two: The Stars are Rising

On to event two. Despite false competitor rumors of Maserati of Baltimore events canceling or being non-existent or Sweet Lela’s catering being “sandwiches only”, the word spread behind the scenes to bring out the next natural combination of guests who were both exotic car lovers and gourmet dining enthusiasts. Expecting twenty to thirty guests, we were joined by forty seven exotic car and Italian food loving guests that evening–and all enjoyed the opportunity to browse the car dealership most famous for the “museum-like setting” and the ambiance of formal seated dining tended to by Tony Iacampo’s Italian speaking staff and family.


Taking a lesson from our IKE NIGHT meal and wanting to avoid heavy eating late into the night, for event number two we decided to shift our dining time from a late Saturday night to an early Sunday afternoon and twilight evening in order to allow guests to head home just in time to see the stars rising in the night sky over beautiful Baltimore County.

Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's Planning a more conservative menu and “lite fare options” to keep costs in a tough economy at bay, we arranged a catering schedule with Sweet Lela’s that worked so well we are going to repeat the formula for our next event come the second weekend in January. Serving appetizers from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm allowed our guests to arrive and mingle while perusing the latest in Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini inventory in the Exotic Car showroom and gallery. For those guests who could only stay a short while, the lite fare option at $15 per person was the order of choice.

Guests who were ready and willing to enjoy some road time and hot laps between bites were offered test drives or rides in the new Granturismo S model and the 2009 Quattroporte. All who relaxed and stayed on site enjoyed the opportunity to network with other members of the luxury car owner crowd. Keeping the appetizers set up as a self serve bar, the waitstaff from Sweet Lela’s focused on keeping trays constantly replenished.


Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's Serving an assortment of the finest imported meats and cheeses from Italy, the antipasto style bar also had an assortment of freshly prepared items and Sardinian home cooked treats. Some of the crowd was delighted by the assortment of marinated vegetables, others by the baked cheese embellished goods flown in fresh from the Bronx, and all were impressed by the Anchovy eggs (an Italian variation of the American Deviled Egg that offered a heartier taste that complimented the meet and cheese assortment well).

Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's As we approached the 5:00 mark, Tony offered to extend the appetizer passes for another thirty minutes to allow guests to continue to enjoy themselves, the car rides to continue, and to have those who purchased additional take home orders to prepare their own plates to go. Once we hit 5:30, guests were encouraged to move from the front showroom and breezeway wine bar area back to the M.O.B. Exotics Car Gallery (the middle showroom that hold the sales offices and the main Parts Department window. Thanks to the help of Volunteer setup crew Pat Syntax and Tony Syntax, guests were able to be seated at a large horseshoe shaped banquet table, complete with red linens, white china, water and wine glasses, and silverware for a formal sit down dining experience close and comfortably seated near a variety of friends.

Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's After gorging ourselves on delicious appetizers but pacing ourselves to save room for the nights dining end, the first hot meal item to be served formally to guests was a choice of either the finest Tomato Basil Bisque we had ever tasted, or the most delicate Cream of Onion (Italy’s version of a mild French Onion) soup. Next up was the main entree–home made lasagne with a delicate noodle, rich sauce, tender veal, and creamy light blended cheese filling atop wilted spinach. Following that was Mozerella and Tomato “Caprese” salad that completed our main courses for the evening, drizzled in light extra virgin oil and covered in a gentle sprinkling of fresh cracked pepper (we would dare to say a slight ping of sea salt was also mixed in with the fresh chopped parsley topping the colorful cool bounty with baby greens on the side).


As we all settled in to more networking discussions planning future events with new friends and reminiscing about other events we had created or attended whose stories have yet to be told, we encouraged the Sweet Lela’s team to have their star chef Daniela come out to take a bow. Working as a private chef and caterer, Daniela assists not only Sweet Lela’s but also Sotto Sopra and the Italian Consulate (Dr. Francesco Luigi Legaluppi) as well. Speaking very little English, the Italian lovely lady could easily understand our many words of praise and thanks if not for what we were able to say but for the smiles and nods of approval that were visually abound. After a hearty round of cheering “Brava” and applause, Daniela herself thanked us for having her as our guest chef and explained the last and final dessert course that was about to come around.

Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's As a surprise for the Italianizzato club, Daniela prepared a three and a half foot long Tiramisu cake decorated as an Italian flag with a hand crafted Maserati Emblem dusted in with cinnamon and cocoa powder. In addition to serving Cappuccino, tea, and coffee, she also had personal bite size mini-pastries and tarts on trays to pass around. The delicacy of the cake with its rich and noble coffee essence cream was truly a crowd pleaser, and many of the guests were happy to see portion sizes were large enough they were able to take themselves a bite of the sweet treat home for later as well.

Event Three: Tradition Begins

What’s next for the Italianizatto club? We’re planning on setting up a series of 2009 traditions.


To accommodate all of our different guests work, family, and weekend responsibilities we are planning on hosting a special event with Sweet Lela’s or a guest Restaurant using the M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery at Maserati of Baltimore as the backdrop and venue for Italian dining events. Beginning January 11th, 2009, on we will begin a Sunday Dining series that will occur bi-monthly at the dealership from 3:00 pm until 7:00 or 8:00 pm. Starting in February, we’ll begin a bi monthly Saturday evening wine mixer and Appetizer or Dessert Soirée.  These events will traditionally be held during the second weekend of each month so guests, clients, vendors, family members, out of town visitors, personal and professional friends can pencil tentative dates into their calendars and day books early and be able to invite and include new Italianizzato friends.

Event Planning: Hold the Date

As such, the dates for the first quarter of 2009 meetings of the Italianizzato Club will be tentatively confirmed as follows:

  • Sunday January 11, 2009 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm Italian family Style Dinner “Welcome to the New Year”
  • Saturday February 14, 2009 from 7:00-10:00 pm Dessert Option “Sweetheart Social”
  • Sunday March 15, 2009 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm Italian family Style Dinner “Ides of March”

Italianizzato Dinner Sunday November 9 2008 with Sweet Lela's Prices for each event may vary based upon menu options and advanced pre-paid reservations will be necessary to ensure adequate seating.  Lite Fare or Full Menu options will always be presented, allowing light appetite diners the luxury of choosing to attend for a modest cost while still being able to mingle and socialize with friends. Limited ticket numbers will be available, so plan your attendance confirmations early. Sweet Lela’s will be facilitating online pre-payment options with reservations made in the final week paying an additional cost of $10 per meal or plate more.



Even if you are not an Italian car driver ~ YET ~ that’s okay. Everyone who loves cars is welcome at M.O.B. Exotics. Bottom line, we are all part of the same bred of car lovers. If speed and finely tuned high performance automobiles make your heart race and luxury lifestyles mixed with old world family values are things you value as a part of heritage and tradition, then you know whenever you attend one of the Italianizzato club events that you will be among friends. Jack Davis, Tony Iacampo, and and the staff of Sweet Lela’s Market Cafe on Towson Circle and Maserati of Baltimore in Lutherville Timonium on York Road are so grateful for your continued support, attendance, and friendship. Until we speak again, drive safe, be well, and as always…


Kindest regards,

Kae Davis for Connections Prep


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