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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Honor Roll Students Earn Rides in Lamborghini or Maserati as Reward for Academic Effort or Exemplary Behavior

Ferrari Reward "Hot Seat" Delights

Ferrari Reward "Hot Seat" Delights: Kids entering an honor contract get to have a seat in a Ferrari and have their photo taken as a memento for later life.


Maserati of Baltimore is the kind of place people want to come and spend their time with friends and family.  After all, what could be more inspiring for a child than to see what hard work, dedication to professionalism, and long term effort could net for them in this lifetime than to have a peek at one of the ultimate toys–a Lamborghini, Maserati, or Ferrari?


Maserati of Baltimore

Maserati of Baltimore

That’s why Maserati of Baltimore’s General Manager Jack Davis and staff all encourage clients and community visitors to come and spend some quality respectful time in the store, and use exotic cars to help children connect the concept of hard work, personal pride, and rewards together in their own mental equations.

Since January of 2008, Jack Davis has been personally extending an invitation to all parents and children visiting Maserati of Baltimore. His deal? “Make the honor roll, bring in your report card to show us, and I’ll personally take you out for a hot lap ride in a Lamborghini or Maserati as a reward for your efforts.”


Realizing not all students will be able to naturally attain this sort of perfect academic goal (or that they already have attained it and are seeking to achieve new personally challenging goals), Jack offers parents and guardians an incentive deal for their students as well.

If, for example, kids enter into a behavior contract with their folks and bring it in to show Jack before and after mom, dad, or the adult in charge indicates students have met their goal, kids can work to “earn privileges” from the store. We even offer children discounts to specialty toy items from our boutique–along with inviting children in from the Children’s Guild to celebrate successful program graduations at the end of the summer or school year.

Asking for participation projects from learning how to wash a car to having full fledged internship opportunities, students from all background have a chance to be around and also volunteer around the cars.  Some students have volunteered as assistants at shows, others have spent the day in and around the store.


Being involved in local community building projects is a responsibility of all good-natured professionals. The team at Maserati of Baltimore knows and understands that selling a historical marquee brands such as Maserati or Ferrari require long term thinking and product branding.

Jack Davis Motors Circa 1950

Stepping Back in Time: Jack Davis Motors Circa 1950 Inspired Many Future Motorsports Enthusiasts

Jack vividly remembers the very first Ferrari and other special high performance race cars or luxury models he ever had a chance to sit in as a child. [The first Ferrari he ever sat in was a 1960 250GT short wheel base back in 1974 on a visit with his dad to a pre-owned sports cars store in Chattanooga, Tennessee.] He also remembers his own father bringing community children into his auto dealership for special car tours back in the 1950’s and 60’s–and how much those memories have remained special for both he and those children (now grown adults) throughout the years.


Though the world has changed greatly over the years, a youthful passion for motorsports and luxury product enthusiasm has not waivered in the popular culture. Transcending time and space, generations of all ages continue to be inspired by mechanical marvels and engineering feats.

Young High School Graduate Earns Ride in Lamborghini as "Going Away to College in Israel" Present

Young High School Graduate Earns Ride in Lamborghini as "Going Away to College in Israel" Present from Proud Parents

Our honor student contracts help build not only a passion for motorsports and our ecotic car brands in the future, but they help our community build a stronger future leadership base. As a fair trade for a few minutes of effort, we are proud to give kids a pat on the back for their work and to encourage them to continue in all aspect of their life to strive.

If you our your K-12 student is inspired by one of our high performance cars, let us help give an incentive boost to your academic or personal achievement agenda. Contact Jack Davis via to arrange a visit to our dealership and personal tour of the showrooms. If you strike up a deal with Jack, he’ll even give you a behind the scenes tour of the race shop and snap a picture in the hot seat for you. Meet your honor roll or personal goal, and he’ll take you for a thrill of a lifetime ride in a Lamborghini or with your folks joining you in a Maserati.

Pick your favorite car and plan your future actions wisely. Any Lamborghini, Maserati, or Ferrari will do. Besides, a visit to Maserati of Baltimore is equally fun for kids and parents, too.

Maserati of Baltimore

1630 York Road

Lutherville Timonium, Maryland 21093

Baltimore County just North of I-695 at Exit 26


Open 9-6 Monday through Friday, 9-5 on Saturdays

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