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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maserati of Baltimore and Smyth Jewelers Help Support the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company: 100 Years of Fire Fighter Service Commemorative Ornaments Make Christmas and Holidays MERRY

santa_2008_lvfc_friendFireman’s Commemorative Christmas Ornament Fund Raising Initiative in Lutherville, Maryland

Celebrate 100-years of FIRE FIGHTER VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY SERVICE from the Lutherville Fire Department to the Communities in Northern Baltimore County–the “Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company” at



The Welcome Wagon

Maserati of Baltimore knows who their friends are when it comes to community service and we understand what it means to be a truly active part of a team of professionals serving the community.

As a newly formed organization in the region, Maserati of Baltimore and the staff of M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery wishes to thank the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company not only for their outstanding care, concern, and involvement with the local  communities here in Northern Baltimore county, but also for the personal service they have always done for our exotic car community.

Help Right Around the Corner

Over the years, many of our local Maryland car owners and drivers have relied on the fire station in times of need. Whether coming to the rescue on the road, at home, for their businesses, or at various community fund raisers, they have been a reliable network of “men of Good Will”, there in a pinch always when the public seems to need them the most.

lvfd The Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company was established after the town’s first water main was constructed in 1909. James P. Reese, with the help of the Lutherville Community Association converted his carriage house at the corner Morris and Francke to a fire house. With the purchase of a pumper truck with hose reel LVFC was founded. Soon after, Smyth Jewelers moved into the neighborhood and the two have remained good friends ever since.

Community Service Ethics

This year, the volunteers from the Lutherville fire department came to Maserati of Baltimore’s “rescue” during the 2008 “Giving In Style” private party fund raiser hosted by Shauna and Dan Wilcox when setup staff and volunteers were delayed by rough football games, difficult practice schedules, flu bugs, and inclement weather conditions.


Jumping in to fill the staffing holes on behalf of the charitable organization, these dedicated and truly heroic service professionals helped supplement the Maserati of Baltimore Guest Services staff before, during, and after the event and to make up for time crunched or absent assistants with setup and cleanup of the dealership before and and well after closing times (into the wee hours of the mornings Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with the M.O.B. Exotics family).

It Takes a Village to Say THANK YOU

Donate Directly at

Knowing how hard the group worked on local neighbor Maserati of  Baltimore’s behalf (and the Baltimore Ravens’ to help with the fund raising efforts for the Wilcox foundation), we want to be sure to give a big Italian car loving community “thank you” to these great gentlemen properly for helping make the event such a lively and lovely success for the evening.

As such, we’re inviting their entire staff back for dinner at our place with the Italianizzato Club Sunday dinner January 11th, 2009 (hosted by Tony Iacampo’s Sweet Lela’s Market Cafe–our neighborhood friend from Towson Circle). We’re also delighted to help promote their organization by helping to sell their latest gift back to the community: the 100 year anniversary ornament, which will be available for purchase through the M.O.B. Exotics Race Fan Boutique now through the end of February 2009.

Mike Rudden from MOTOART, Speed Millet from Speed’s Cycle, and Wayne Nicolette from Xibitz offer you a big round of applause for helping them help the evening look visually spectacular, too.

Gold and Silver Friendships

To help celebrate the fire company’s historic 100 year anniversary event, Smyth Jewelers is working with LVFC in the design and crafting of a series of three Christmas ornaments. Each year for the next three years there will be a separate and distinctive ornament-–different colors, different themes-–all acknowledging a milestone in the history of the fire fighter company.

These lovely Christmas and Holiday Decorative ornaments can be purchased at Smyth Jewelers, ordered through Maserati of Baltimore via our Race Fan Boutique, at the LVFC fire house station on Bellona Road in Lutherville [Maryland], or on-line below!

Expressing our Thanks and Gratitude

Special Thanks from Daniel Wilcox of the Baltimore Ravens and Jack Davis of Maserati of Baltimore

Special Thanks from Daniel Wilcox of the Baltimore Ravens and Jack Davis of Maserati of Baltimore (photo courtesy of Rob Morton)

Beyond thanking all of the guests and Baltimore Ravens team members who came out to show their support for the Wilcox family, Maserati of Baltimore wants to extend our thanks to the fire station from everyone who participated with the 2008 Giving in Style charity benefit party.

Thanks, guys, for keeping us safe in our homes, businesses, and on the road… and thank you for supporting Dan and Shauna’s foundation E.M.P.O.W.E.R.M.E.N.T. Minds.

We are all better people for having the opportunity to work with the Lutherville area firemen–you helped us all stay focused, put out the normal event management fires, and to keep our cool. All your volunteers are great people to know and to have worked with, too. Thank you for joining the Maserati of Baltimore Guest Services “Volunteer Player” team–you are definitely win the award for sponsorship MVP!

Support Your LOCAL FIRE FIGHTER ORGANIZATION… which for Maserati of Baltimore in Lutherville Timonium is the LVFC

Cost: $20.00 per ornament… To Purchase On-Line Click Here

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