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Monday, April 14, 2008

FAQ’s about Maserati Ownership

The one fashion accessory you don't want to live without...

Where can you drive a car like this?
All cars can exceed the speed limit. Maseratis just exceed it much faster than anything else. Holes exist in the traffic for you that just aren’t there for other cars. Twisty suburban roads that would normally cause you to brake can be safely taken at speeds that would terrify you in a normal car. The fun factor is extremely high. If you still want to test your cars and your own limits, you can participate in any of our many customer track days at the racetrack. Driving instructors will help you up your game to levels you would have never thought possible. You can go all out in a safe, legal environment and have the time of your life.

Aren’t Maseratis hard to drive?
No. They are easier to drive than other cars. The handling and precise steering keeps you so planted to the road that you drive with complete confidence. If needed, the brakes will plaster your eyeballs on the windshield. In short, a Maserati flatters its driver. The only danger is that there will always be other drivers sitting in your blind spot trying to get a better look at your car. Of course, you can scare yourself silly if you push down too hard on the right hand pedal.

How well do Maseratis hold their value?
All exotic cars can depreciate in the first few years of ownership, but after that they tend to level off in value at a much higher percentage of their original cost than your average car. The resale value of all exotics is greatly affected by their mileage and condition. It is very important to make sure that all factory recommended services are performed. These cars never go out of style and, if properly maintained, will last a lifetime.

How long do I have to wait to get a new Maserati?
Less than you think. There are sometimes a few cars in dealer stock around the country. We may even have one. Otherwise, you have to get on the list to get exactly the car you want. You can make the waiting period painless by purchasing and enjoying one of our pre-owned Maseratis. When you’re new one arrives, we’ll be more than happy to help you find a good new home for your old one.

How do I keep from getting ripped off buying a used Maserati?
Easy. It’s always better to buy a high performance car like a Maserati from a well-known, established organization that sells and services them. They have a reputation to protect and won’t steer you wrong. All of our pre-owned Maseratis go through a comprehensive 101 point service inspection that ensures that every system is operating properly and has received the required maintenance. Every car that goes out of our dealership has our name on it and we stand behind it. We’re not going to disappear before the ink is dry on your check. Even if you were thinking of buying a pre-owned Maserati from someone else, it would be smart to have Maserati of Baltimore perform our 101 inspection on the car prior to purchase.

How much does it cost to maintain a Maserati?
The annual service for a Maserati costs well under $1000 (about $500). It’s also wise to have the car detailed at least once a year. A stage II detail costs approximately $275. Every two years the brakes, gearbox and cooling systems need to be flushed and the fluids changed. That costs under $1000 (about $600). If you run your car hard at track events, you will need to change brake pads more frequently and a complete set of pads costs about $2,000 installed. Beyond that, everything is covered under the three-year factory warranty.

How reliable are Maseratis?
Maseratis use solid-state electronics. The old stories of foreign cars being hard to start, temperamental and overheating in traffic are no longer true. The engines and drive trains are built to withstand the abuse and stresses of racing which are far greater than anything you would subject your car to on the street. All the sub-systems such as wipers, lights, ventilation, door locks, window lifts, adjustable seats, etc. are from proven suppliers. In a word, they are like any other modern car on the road when it comes to reliability.

How do I get my car serviced if I live a long way from the dealer? Getting your Maserati serviced is actually easier than getting any other car serviced. We can pick up your car at your home, office or wherever, service it and return it back to you in one of our enclosed, roll-back trucks. The round-trip cost is typically under $200 if you live within 50 miles of the dealership. Other rates apply for greater distances. What could be easier?

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