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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Did you check out MOB EXOTICS this weekend? Super Saturday extended into F1 Sunday at Maserati of Baltimore

Did you check out MOB EXOTICS this weekend?

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After a sunny Saturday perfect for driving with the top down, our Maryland weather turned rainy and cold… but not before MOB EXOTICS decided to do something hot.

Sunday morning, bright and early at 7 a.m., our hotshot sales star Alfred Ramos was at Maserati of Baltimore, opening the doors to his race fan clients. In the heart of the dealership, a few devoted Formula One fans gathered to have coffee and watch the F1 race on the big screen television.

Starting a friendly new tradition, we’ll be planning on always opening our doors to our client guests when the race is on–bringing together car guy networking, family, and Formula One fans.

Welcome, Baltimore… and congratulations to the Ferrari Team on another great win! Visit for more information about dates and results for all the races.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame–To one where the Baltimore Orioles Will Defeat the New York Yankees Again to Be Exact

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Maserati Fan Drew Davis at his first game in Birdland (relaxing with the crowd and watching some Baseball in Baltimore)

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Welcome to Baltimore, Maserati! M.O.B. Exotics Intern and New Orioles Fan Drew Davis was psyched this weekend to be watching his first game in Birdland from up in one of the owner suites.

Relaxing with the crowd and watching some Baseball in Baltimore was just the right thing to do for a perfect spring evening. The Orioles beat the New York Yankees again. We secretly hope having a Grantourismo and our own MOB EXOTICS team there to support them brought some of the luck and love they needed to win.

With “GOT MASERATI” splashed across his chest while wandering around Camden Yards he got some great fan support of his own. Birdland visitors in the lot gave huge thumbs up to the design of the new vehicle and were happy to catch a glimpse.

Special Thanks to the team owners, staff, and players for making this perfect evening happen for us and Drew. We’re looking forward to being Orioles fans for many more years to come. Hats off to you!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three Perfect Pairs of Visitors from Maserati of Baltimore Arrive at “Ciao Bella”

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Maserati & Lamborghini, Kadrieka Maiden & Patrick Valme, and Jack & Kae Davis were all visiting Ciao Bella Restaurant of Baltimore’s “Little Italy” on Saturday Night to meet with Owner and Chef Tony Gambino

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Chef Tony Gambino knocks the Seafood Lamborghini out of the Park for M.O.B. Exotics and friends. Know by common diners as the “Sucre Rosa”, our special favorite dish combines all the right exotic touches to rub our car hearts just right. Combining the freshest shrimp and deep sea scallops with a bit of onion, spinach, and a dash of fresh marinara made with Roma tomatoes fresh off the vine, Ciao Bella chefs create a Marsala Wine cream sauce that can only be described as, “Simply divine.” With a healthy dash of freshly grated aged Romano cheese and some freshly baked Italian bread on the side, Tony recommends a nice big glass or two of the deep red house wine.

Jack Davis, GM of Maserati of Baltimore, is so fond of the food at Ciao Bella that he eats there now all the time. On this beautiful night, one of the first warm evenings of the Spring season, we brought the stars out to meet with local Celeb Tony (gourmet and owner of the restaurant) and to have a few relaxing hours showing off the cars downtown while we dined. The sparkle and pop for the evening came rolling down through Roland Park, headed for St. Paul via Charles Street. After a brief top-down road trip jog through the Baltimore city Arts district and then right down past the Convention Center and Inner Harbor on Pratt Street, the tandem duo of super exotic cars was ready to make the swing down Exeter to head back up the one way drive to Tony’s place on High Street, the lovely and inviting Ciao Bella Restaurant.

Rolling up in a Maserati or Lamborghini always creates quite a stir in the neighborhoods of Baltimore–offering drivers the opportunity to play in traffic while doing a little networking business and promoting car guy good will. Jack and Kae Davis of know how to promote the luxury car brands right. New sales staff Patrick Valme is no stranger to branding and product promotion. He and girlfriend Kadrieka Maiden of Style & Image Network met while she was promoting celebrity pet charity Fashion Fights Poverty from Washington and he was promoting Fashion Fights Poverty Miami. We were so happy to have them both with us for the meeting that evening to discuss Maserati, Baltimore Style, and Celebrity fashion.

Mob Exotics friends and family, if you are thinking about polishing up one of your exotic cars and taking a lively showcase drive downtown in Baltimore, consider making your final destination for an afternoon lunch or dinner evening Ciao Bella. Tony’s always glad when our clients bring their cars down for a visit–and he loves when we bring the cars we have for sale at the dealership down for a rock star parking visit, too. With the group of us chatting it up and taking our time getting inside the restaurant to talk some business together over a meal, the cars parked at the front door began to draw yet another appreciative dinner time crowd. Your car will be safely parked, well cared for, and we can promise the most friendly and relaxing of fine dining evenings. Tell Tony we sent you… and make sure to call ahead and ask for “Maserati of Baltimore” front door reserved parking.

Ciao Bella is located in the heart of Baltimore’s famous “Little Italy” section at 236 High Street in Baltimore, Maryland. Reservations can be made for parking in advance by calling 410-685-7733 and telling them you are a MOB EXOTICS customer calling for Tony and telling the staff you need to reserve a space for your Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or other highline exotic car from our gallery.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maserati of Baltimore Supports the 4th Annual Children’s Guild Car Show in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Press release excerpt from April 15, 2008


Harbor East hosts The Children’s Guild’s marquee Italian car show

Baltimore—More than 100 Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Fiats, Alfa Romeos, Ducatis and other marquee Italian cars and motorcycles will line the streets of Harbor East on Sept. 28, 2008. The car show, the Concours D’Elegance, lasts from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will feature a downtown festival atmosphere with food and shopping. The public can attend for free.

A champagne hors d’oeuvres reception, live and silent auctions, and awards presentation will also lead the show’s activities at Harbor East. Touching the Inner Harbor at the intersection of South President Street and Aliceanna Street, Harbor East ranks among Baltimore’s finest streetscapes.

Proceeds from the Concours D’Elegance will benefit The Children’s Guild and its more than 700 needy children and teenagers throughout Maryland. The Children’s Guild helps youth with emotional, mental and behavioral conditions, including autism and other learning and developmental disabilities.

For more information contact The Children’s Guild at 410-444-3804 x130 or e-mail Event details and car registration information can be found at


The Children’s Guild is a not-for-profit organization that has existed for more than 50 years to meet the needs of children with emotional and behavioral challenges through providing unique educational programs, stimulating environments, and integrated approaches to helping children build successful lives. The Children’s Guild has campuses in Annapolis, Baltimore and Prince Georges County as well as several group homes.

Maserati of Baltimore and MOB EXOTICS are proud to be sponsors and silent auction donors for this Baltimore area benefit, with special thanks to Chuck Luetner for allowing us to be included alongside Ferrari of Washington’s Allie Ash at this Mid-Atlantic Regional Ferrari Club sanctioned event. There is nothing like coming together as friends to help make up such a special event, and we are glad Harbor East has space for all of us at this Concorso style early fall event.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet the GUEST SERVICES Team at M.O.B. Exotics and Maserati of Baltimore

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Peeping Tom

Welcome back, friends and race fans. The mbalt team is glad to have you here taking another peek at what is going on

at M.O.B. Exotics through

Maserati of Baltimore.

If you are reading here, you already know the dealership is fairly new to the Baltimore Washington area, but they have long and lengthy ties in our community. In the coming weeks, months, and years we’ll be writing blog style posts to showcase new staff and the familiar faces you already have come to know.

We know it is important to know your car guys (and car gals), and we’re starting right here by making sure you have all the names and contact information you need to reach any one of us expediently. So, here goes–our “M.O.B. Exotics Family” is growing, and we’ll be adding more names and introductions in the upcoming driving seasons to meet all our customer requests and needs.


Jack Davis General Manager

Vincent Viega Race Fan Boutique/Inventory Management


Frank Sharron Auto Detail

Mark Dennison Auto Detail

Drew Davis Guest Services/Lot Maintenance


Please direct all marketing and special event co-ordination inquiries, including press releases and race fan portfolio photo submissions, to Jack Davis at

Kae Davis IT Marketing Co-Ordinator/Special Event Coordinator at Maserati of Baltimore and

Neil Stylinski High Road Auto Group Newsletter Editor at Ferrari of Washington, Lamborghini Washington. [HRAG]

Chip Boyd Web Master and at Ferrari of Washington [HRAG]


Jack Davis General Manager

Mary Curtis Finance Manager


Alfred Ramos Maserati

Tom Beckman Ferrari

Patrick Valme Lamborghini

FAQ’s about Maserati Ownership

The one fashion accessory you don't want to live without...

Where can you drive a car like this?
All cars can exceed the speed limit. Maseratis just exceed it much faster than anything else. Holes exist in the traffic for you that just aren’t there for other cars. Twisty suburban roads that would normally cause you to brake can be safely taken at speeds that would terrify you in a normal car. The fun factor is extremely high. If you still want to test your cars and your own limits, you can participate in any of our many customer track days at the racetrack. Driving instructors will help you up your game to levels you would have never thought possible. You can go all out in a safe, legal environment and have the time of your life.

Aren’t Maseratis hard to drive?
No. They are easier to drive than other cars. The handling and precise steering keeps you so planted to the road that you drive with complete confidence. If needed, the brakes will plaster your eyeballs on the windshield. In short, a Maserati flatters its driver. The only danger is that there will always be other drivers sitting in your blind spot trying to get a better look at your car. Of course, you can scare yourself silly if you push down too hard on the right hand pedal.

How well do Maseratis hold their value?
All exotic cars can depreciate in the first few years of ownership, but after that they tend to level off in value at a much higher percentage of their original cost than your average car. The resale value of all exotics is greatly affected by their mileage and condition. It is very important to make sure that all factory recommended services are performed. These cars never go out of style and, if properly maintained, will last a lifetime.

How long do I have to wait to get a new Maserati?
Less than you think. There are sometimes a few cars in dealer stock around the country. We may even have one. Otherwise, you have to get on the list to get exactly the car you want. You can make the waiting period painless by purchasing and enjoying one of our pre-owned Maseratis. When you’re new one arrives, we’ll be more than happy to help you find a good new home for your old one.

How do I keep from getting ripped off buying a used Maserati?
Easy. It’s always better to buy a high performance car like a Maserati from a well-known, established organization that sells and services them. They have a reputation to protect and won’t steer you wrong. All of our pre-owned Maseratis go through a comprehensive 101 point service inspection that ensures that every system is operating properly and has received the required maintenance. Every car that goes out of our dealership has our name on it and we stand behind it. We’re not going to disappear before the ink is dry on your check. Even if you were thinking of buying a pre-owned Maserati from someone else, it would be smart to have Maserati of Baltimore perform our 101 inspection on the car prior to purchase.

How much does it cost to maintain a Maserati?
The annual service for a Maserati costs well under $1000 (about $500). It’s also wise to have the car detailed at least once a year. A stage II detail costs approximately $275. Every two years the brakes, gearbox and cooling systems need to be flushed and the fluids changed. That costs under $1000 (about $600). If you run your car hard at track events, you will need to change brake pads more frequently and a complete set of pads costs about $2,000 installed. Beyond that, everything is covered under the three-year factory warranty.

How reliable are Maseratis?
Maseratis use solid-state electronics. The old stories of foreign cars being hard to start, temperamental and overheating in traffic are no longer true. The engines and drive trains are built to withstand the abuse and stresses of racing which are far greater than anything you would subject your car to on the street. All the sub-systems such as wipers, lights, ventilation, door locks, window lifts, adjustable seats, etc. are from proven suppliers. In a word, they are like any other modern car on the road when it comes to reliability.

How do I get my car serviced if I live a long way from the dealer? Getting your Maserati serviced is actually easier than getting any other car serviced. We can pick up your car at your home, office or wherever, service it and return it back to you in one of our enclosed, roll-back trucks. The round-trip cost is typically under $200 if you live within 50 miles of the dealership. Other rates apply for greater distances. What could be easier?

If you are interested in learning more about Maserati ownership, don’t hesitate to stop by or to call one of our sales team representatives. Email inquiries are welcomed through

Been there, done that… have you got the T-shirt?

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MOB Tshirts 

M.O.B. Exotic T-shirts make great gifts for yourself or other race fans who like owning limited edition collectibles.

Originally uploaded by M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery
You asked, we complied. In the softest cotton, too.

M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery Fans from across the country can look forward to sporting MOB GEAR to their next car rally or local race fan event. Call us today and we’ll get your order filled right away, or email to request more information about the Race Fan Boutique items we are going to be selling regularly to our auto collectors who like the thrill of the auction hunt on eBay.

This first edition run of shirts we had made special at the request of our friend Tony Gambino of 98 Rock, FOX, and Ciao Bella so he would have something comfortable and fun to wear out and about for broadcast day. He’s got the most exotic car friendly restaurant parking in Baltimore’s Little Italy. Whether you stop by for a quick lunch, to have an appetizer and a drink after work, or come to visit for a long, relaxing meal and a great bottle of wine in the evening, his is the place downtown that makes you want to stay.

Glad you loved the shirt, Tony… and three cheers for everyone else who has already bought one to add to their race fan collectible merchandise or car enthusiast wardrobe already to date! More shirts, hats, jackets, toys, jewelry, driving glasses, and other goodies are on their way, including a plan in the works to be able to bring items for sale to car shows, cultural festivals, and swap meets all around the Mid-Atlantic region so our fans can say hey.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Drew Davis and Patrick Valme Greet Lamborghini and Maserati Guests Saturdays at M.O.B. Exotics

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Drew Davis and Patrick Valme Greet Lamborghini and Maserati Guests Saturdays at M.O.B. Exotics

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Saturdays at M.O.B. Exotics are starting to be an exciting community event–so much so that we’ve had to augment our sales force with new faces and expand our Guest Services to include new Interns and Lot Porters.

All Saturday day long, we’ve been flooded with clients and calls. We’ve had people in bidding wars and car sales galore. Yesterday (Friday), we took our first order on a 2010 Gransport Spider so we were having some added fun celebrating. Come down to visit!

This particular busy but relaxing weekend day, we even had clients here ordering lunch delivery from the Towson Delly so they could spend the day handing out with us and the vehicles. Several groups of travelers who made their visit to the store today from several states away included our favorite special guests of the day–the owners of “My Place in Tuscany” (a fabulous Alexandria, Virginia Landmark Gallery that has always been our favorite window to drive past on King Street ).

Patrick Valme (our awesome new Lamborghini Sales Trainee), Kadrieka Maiden (Style and Image Network and Fashion Fight Poverty Co-Founder), Drew Davis (M.O.B. Exotics Guest Services Intern), J. Vincent Veiga (Maserati Sales and Festival Boutique Event Co-Ordination), Alfred Ramos (Maserati of Baltimore Sales Manager) and Jack & Kae Davis were all on hand to say hello and work with the community today.

It may have started out rainy, but with our customer smiles and genuine Italian auto enthusiasm songs hitting all the right note in the car trading business, it’s turned out to be “a bright, bright sunshiney day.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Did anybody happen to see our new ads in the Fashion Section of the Baltimore Sun?

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Maserati of Baltimore and M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery decided to shift gears last month. Instead of the same old boring ad copy running in the car section of the local news, our friend Frank Provinsano hooked us up at the Baltimore Sun.

In the paper’s special “Fashion Edition”, we created some pretty spectacular ads (if we can say that ourselves). We hope they made this special pull out edition a bit more exciting and fun! Click the links below to check out the online versions of the advertisements, too.

Remember–a car makes even more of a statement about who you are than your clothes or your shoes.  Play in traffic… it’s what we do.


Click here to see the M.O.B. Exotics Baltimore Sun Debut


Click here to see the Maserati of Baltimore’s Sensible Spring Fashion Advice for Maryland’s Baltimore Area Readers


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring has Sprung–Road Trip Time!

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One of our customers sent us this great pic from a road trip to Loudoun County, Virginia. It’s time to think about taking the Spyder tops down on the Lamborghini Gallardos and to enjoy the sunshine in the Ferrari Spiders. Put the windows down on your new Quattroporte or Granturismo and head out on the road! If you are feeling adventurous, head on up or over to 1628 York Road in Lutherville Timonium and visit Maserati of Baltimore and the dazzling new “M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery”. We are offering a view to rival the spring flowers… especially with our Saturday “Rock Star Parking” lineup!

See you soon,

Jack and Kae Davis

Blog at