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Friday, January 1, 2010

What ever happened to MOB EXOTICS?

Looking for information about MOB EXOTICS? We’ve moved!

Our little local social networking group of exotic car owners and Italian car enthusiasts went national back at the start of 2009. You can still participate with other members at local, regional and national events. However, the biggest change is that instead of meeting up here to look for posts about weekly events, car club members get to chat online with other family and friends thanks to FACEBOOK.

Yep — that’s right… the old MOB EXOTICS has it’s own Playing in Traffic Group on facebook –complete with a photo gallery anyone can contribute car photos to, a special events board, and chat between Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini living friends (Fiat, Lancia, and Italian Motorcycles like Ducati and Moto Guzzi, too).

Simply type and it will take you right there.


If you are really ambitious and want access to more car news, you can follow Jack and Kae Davis online —

Jack Davis is on Twitter @ferrarifans and on Facebook

Kae Davis is on Twitter @cafecars and on Facebook

You can subscribe to Kae’s EXOTIC CAR EXAMINER column on by visiting, too.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Microwaving A Toy Car In HD Wide Screen

For your viewing pleasure this holiday season. Do not try this at home.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Parade Behind the Scenes October 12, 2008 with Maserati of Baltimore and MOB EXOTICS

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Columbus Day Parade Behind the Scenes October 12, 2008 with Maserati of Baltimore and MOB EXOTICS

Originally uploaded by Jack & Kae Davis

Happy Columbus Day, everyone!

Although MOB EXOTICS is no more, the friendships made there have continued to grow.

Now expanded nationwide, the social networking group for exotic car lovers is still active and part of the exotic car community in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. Join us by visiting and feel free to keep a bookmark here at

You can also follow more news from our group by subscribing to or adding us as friends at the following links:

Play in traffic with Jack H. Davis by Kae Davis

@cafecars on Twitter

Cafe Cars on YouTube

Italianizzato Club on Facebook

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Festivals of Speed Announces Inaugural Miami Event with Multi-million Dollar Collection of Exotic Cars, Yachts, Motorcycles and Luxury Lifestyle Products

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Just a quick reminder… click the link below for more information on the show.

Festivals of Speed Announces Inaugural Miami Event with Multi-million Dollar Collection of Exotic Cars, Yachts, Motorcycles and Luxury Lifestyle Products

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hospice of Chesapeake Bay area is beneficiary of Ferrari Club Exotic Car Show ‘Gilligans Island’

BREAKING AUTO NEWS: Photos are starting to come in from the 2009 Gilligan’s Island festival held Saturday June 6, 2009 in Pasedena, Maryland. Sponsored by Craftsmen Developers Dennis Gilligan (, the event was sanctioned by the Ferrari Club of America and overseen by Mid-Atlantic region club president Bill Ebert. Several thousand dollars were raised for the local charity Hospice of Chesapeake Bay ( More information about the event, pictures, and additional follow up articles will be published shortly.

FCA-MAR with Host Dennis Gilligan on Mic

FCA-MAR with Host Dennis Gilligan on Microphone

2009 Gilligans Island Car Show in Maryland

As a first annual FCA-MAR sanctioned event to be held for the local Hospice center in nearby Chesapeake Bay region, the intimate function “Gilligan’s Island Ferrari Club Exotic Car Show to benefit the Hospice of Chesapeake” boasted quite a few spectacular Ferrari cars in addition to a fine assortment of high end luxury vehicles and other state of the art exotics. Show cars of note included a vintage Ferrari Dino, a Ford GT, and a Ferrari Super America.

Festival features included lively Cajun music, catered barbecue from local upscale restaurant Adam’s Ribs, live and silent auction components, and an award ceremony. Trophies were awarded based on fun Gilligan’s Island television show themes like “Professors Choice”, “the Mary Ann Award”, and the “Ginger Grant”.

The event, staged with Concours D’Elegance style green grass fields and cars parked showcase-style along winding blacktop areas under a heavy canopy of well manicured but predominantly indigenous Maryland trees, allowed guests to wander and roam the property freely.

Drew Davis at FCA-MAR 2009 Gilligans Island Ferrari Club Exotic Car Show in the Concours D'Elegance Field

Drew Davis at FCA-MAR 2009 Gilligans Island Ferrari Club Exotic Car Show in the Concours D'Elegance Ferrari Field

Attendance numbers neared 200 guests, with 100% of the $45 per person ticket proceeds going to the Hospice Center to help fund their programming. Car show attendants were also treated to imported beer, bubbling champagne, and Cohiba cigars (all compliments of the gracious hosts), with visitors able to browse through cars and on site vendor art.

Gilligan Estate Ferrari Car Show in Maryland June 2009

Gilligan Estate Ferrari Car Show in Pasedena, Maryland June 2009

Craftsmen Developers and the Venue History: Going Green

Craftsmen Developers is a green land development firm based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. A community minded company, owner and company president Dennis Gilligan believes “Going Green” begins with, “a green attitude…. simple things, like recycling paper or more complex matters like reshaping communities to minimize runoff and maximize green space.”

Craftsmen Developers leadership instills a “Going Green” culture throughout the company.  Heading forward into the 21st century, son Coner Gilligan, Vice President, is often seen working closely with father Dennis and placed in charge of many of the forward thinking land development projects.  “The culture of caring for the environment is not just a family business approach; we’re committed to thinking multi-generational when it comes to  building in such a way that is environmentally friendly, elevates employee and contractor sensitivity towards the environment, and fosters sustainable development designs in its projects…” says the young up and coming and very professional prodigy.

Craftsmen Developers was the key sponsor for the 2009 Gilligan's Island Ferrari and Exotic Car Show in Maryland

Craftsmen Developers was the key sponsor for the 2009 Gilligan's Island Ferrari and Exotic Car Show

According to the Gilligans, “The Company’s land designs attempt to maximize porous surfaces and limit disturbed areas. They direct civil engineers and consult with local jurisdictions to allow for more flexible “Green Designs”… Craftsmen Developers believes strongly that it can and will improve the environment by creating “Green Neighborhoods”.

As a visitor to their Maryland home and private property for any exotic car show, it becomes immediately apparent that this is a family in which all the business partners practice what they preach. Click HERE to see a map of current land development projects with Craftsmen Developers in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Pool at Gilligans Island by Craftsmen Developers

Pool at Gilligans Island by Craftsmen Developers

All the elements of the main house, guest houses, garages, and outlying buildings on the Gilligan estate are laid out in harmony with the coastal wildlife and plants that spare the space with the Gilligan family. Combining modern features with reclaimed wood and stone left over from local restoration projects, the site boasts many of the elemental architectural design features of a Frank Lloyd Wright home while adding curved window lines and built in interior artistic elements that blend seamlessly with the rounded swells of the property’s Chesapeake Bay coast. As a result, the effect is one that claims not only function but superlative form balanced with the natural elements surrounding — making the 5 acre residence a great place to host a fund raiser or private party.

Future Gilligans Island Events and Ferrari Car Shows

As the event was such a resounding success with guests, get your 2010 daybooks and pens ready. The Gilligans’ expect to set the date for next years and make a public announcement about their intention to again support the Hospice charity some time before the 2009 4th of July celebrations.

The early word from the FCA-MAR board is that they fully expect to support asking the Ferrari Club of American to again lend it’s supporting sanction blessing to the future annual events that will undoubtedly help the guests of the Hospice rest easier thanks to the gracious hospitality provided by the Gilligans and diverse group of 2009 festival attendants.

Until that time, the FCA-MAR group plans to be very busy, with many car shows, special group outings, and road galleries planned throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The Ferrari Club is an organization that prides itself on being a social organization committed to the promotion of the Ferrari brand and working to help all members of each local community meet their needs. As such, the organization often sponsors worthwhile charities that actively affect their own members residential communities like the Hospice Center of the Chesapeake and the upcoming Children’s Guild “Viva Italia 2009: Concours D’Elegance” scheduled to happen in September of 2009 at the Inner Harbor of Downtown Baltimore’s Harbor East.

2009 Gilligans Island Car Show with FCA-MAR President Bill Ebert and Maserati of Baltimore GM and Ferrari of  Washington Sales Rep Jack H. Davis
2009 Gilligans Island Car Show was a pleasure with show co-hosts FCA-MAR President Bill Ebert and Maserati of Baltimore GM/Ferrari of Washington Sales Rep Jack H. Davis

Pictures of the 2009 Gilligans Island Event, Etc.

The club members and host officials expect to release more photos and press announcements in the coming week(s), including setting a date for a second annual hospice benefit on the Gilligan’s waterfront estate property.

To register for updates and information about exotic car functions happening across the United States and to post photographs or special events information for Italian exotic car lovers, visit There, you will be able to join other exotic car owners and car club members actively posting on Facebook to network socially and professionally; membership in the club is FREE.

To see more photos of the 2009 Gilligans Island event and other Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini club events in the Maryland region, visit

More “Gilligan, Lil’ Buddy” Contact Information

For more information about hiring Craftsmen Developers for your next building, consulting, or land development project, visit

To make a donation to the Hospice Center of the Chesapeake Bay region in the Gilligans Island event name, please visit

More information about the Ferrari Club of America’s Mid-Atlantic Region can be found at their main website

To submit stories or photos about the Gilligan’s Island Ferrari Car Club Exotic Car Shows, please email the Exotic Car Examiner Kae Davis at

To inquire about the purchase of a new or pre-owned Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini, other exotic car, or high end luxury model, contact Jack Davis at 828-713-8030 (24 hours).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

National Italian Holiday June 2nd: Celebrating the Republic of Italy in Baltimore, Maryland

Happy Holiday!

Did you know that today, June 2nd, 2009

is the 63rd anniversary of the Republic of Italy?

Click the forwarded link to my column today at the Examiner for more details about the Italian Consul’s celebration held over the weekend at Maserati of Baltimore (Sunday May 31, 2009 with Dr. Francesco Legaluppi and the Italian Ambassador to Washington).

italian_national_holiday_republic_of_italy_at_maserati_of_baltimore_2009More pictures are certainly on their way from this event and many future car club gatherings in the coming days and weeks, so be sure to bookmark the site or subscribe for weekly article updates. All you need to do is click subscribe and add your email address; you may unsubscribe at any time and no further information is ever requested. The site is SPAM-FREE, and if you enjoy luxury product events and exotic car news, I hope you will find the articles fun and informative.

Each time you click an Exotic Car Examiner link, you help ensure that exotic car news will be able to reach more fans across our nation and country by keeping a column devoted to exotics news on their lineup (and visitors who mark me a favorite Examiner help make sure my editor will continue to love me the more the featured topic grows with each submission).

italianizzato_ron_johnston_toggie_maserati_of_baltimore_2009_italian_holidayFor more active participation and notification about upcoming events, be sure to join the Italianizzato Club on Facebook and check in for regular updates on car shows, Italian products, and special business functions hosted by club members. For those not familiar with the Italian language reference, “Italianizzato” simply means, “Get Italianized” in Italy’s pop culture.

If you have event news or photos to share or car fan pictures you have taken over the years that are from your own private collections, please feel free to share them with me at I am delighted to work to help spread the joy of all things we love: exotic, luxury lifestyle, or Italian.

Kindest regards,

Kae Davis

National Exotic Car Examiner for

“Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.”
– Helen Keller

Drew Davis and Kae Davis at the Italian Consulate Party May 31, 2009

Drew Davis and Kae Davis at the Italian Consulate Republic of Italy Party May 31, 2009

examiner logo

The Exotic Car Examiner would like to convey warmest congratulations to the president, government and people of the Republic of Italy on the occasion of Republic Day [June 2, 2009] from the Italian car owners and Italian culture enthusiasts residing … Read more »

Exotic Car Examiner, Kae Davis

Kae Davis is a pop culture historian, transportation reporter, and freelance journalist. Since 2005, Kae Davis has focused on promoting auto enthusiasm with and for Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, and has over 20 years experience working with luxury products and specialty service providers. She is the founder of the Italianizzato Club, a VIP social networking group on Facebook, and works closely with her husband Jack and son Drew (who are also involved in the high line auto industry). For more information about how to submit a free press release, exotic spotter photos, historical auto memorabilia news, or to schedule an appointment for media service coverage for your dealership or organization, email the Exotic Car Examiner at

Friday, May 22, 2009

Exotic Car Examiner Highlights Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Sold at Maserati of Baltimore: Delivered So Happy New Owner Could Play in Traffic 2009 Memorial Day Weekend

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione sold for $292k at Maserati of Baltimore

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione sold for $292k at Maserati of Baltimore

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is one of Fiat Group’s latest and most ambitious supercar projects. Sold to a lucky new owner in May of 2009 by the team at Maserati of Baltimore, the exotic modern classic is sure to become a legend in the motorsports world for it’s sharp design–and for its celebrity appearances around the Mid-Atlantic region.

As a new resident in Baltimore, she will hopefully be the photo focus of exotic spotter cameras and video sightings all around the charm city region and Washington DC Metro glam nightclubs. With looks to rival any Ferrari or Lamborghini, the “new kid on the block” exotic car is sure to be the talk of the Charm City and National Capital District towns.

Exotic car loving residents of the East Coast and Italianizzato Club members from all around are excited to see this one up close and in person, as this Alfa Romeo is one “mint condition contemporary classic designed All-Italian car beauty” sure to be Concours D’Elegance bound…

Click HERE to read the full story from the Exotic Car Examiner

Drive safe this Memorial Day Weekend, Everybody!

8c Competizione alfa romeo badge logo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kentucky Derby Tailgate Party at Maserati of Baltimore Saturday May 2, 2009 Open to the Public

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Hello All! Ladies and Gents — Get your Best Kentucky Derby Hats Ready… Maserati of Baltimore is having an Open House Tailgate Party and encouraging friends and fans to watch the race on the big screen.

Click the Maserati Quattroporte Interior to RSVP on Facebook

Click the Maserati Quattroporte Interior to RSVP to your Facebook circle and invite friends

Get ready to go green on the race track–with horses of the live variety rather than the beloved Ferrari Cavallino stallion we love to root for at the F1 races.

We’re getting ready this week for the “Kentucky Derby Party on the Big Screen” Tailgate and Potluck Appetizer Party at Maserati of Baltimore Saturday May 2nd and want to be sure everyone knows they are welcome to invite family and friends of all ages to this one. Maserati of Baltimore is sure to be hosting a relaxing and friendly open house for this after hours celebration.


Besides the occasion of the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby–the obvious party theme–as a club, we’ll be celebrating the return of Sales Star Alfred Ramos to Maserati of Baltimore to join the team again with GM Jack Davis, the new launch of, and Kae Davis new “Baltimore Car Shopping Examiner” journalist position with the new local news platform


Here is the link to the event details and proper place to RSVP to your friendship circle:

Please share this Party LINK with your connections on Facebook and privately email your friends in the Maryland/DC/VA/PA regions (whether you are able to personally attend the party or not). We really appreciate your help getting the quick hello word word to the world that Italianizzato Club friends are out and about and doing things as a club here in the Mid-Atlantic regional community–and that all who share a passion for all things Italian and racing are welcome to join us at events.


Jack Davis says he’ll have plenty of on-site parking at Maserati of Baltimore that afternoon and evening for cruise-in show cars or tailgaters outdoors. There are 60+ spaces for sunny weather conditions, and can easily accommodate have 200+ people indoors in the event of rain. Any folks who wish to bring a showcase vehicle that need to arrange indoor parking for the event should contact Jack Davis directly at (especially if visiting form out of town). The party will be an informal gathering of friends and ladies Derby Hats are welcome. The facility is handicapped access friendly.


If you choose to bring an appetizer dish or beverage to share with the group in addition to your own meals, snacks or goodies we are encouraging folks to bring enough for themselves + 8-10 servings. If we have a small crowd (under 30), we’ll have enough for everyone to enjoy fully and if we have a larger crowd (50+), then we’ll do smaller appetizer portions so everyone can enjoy sharing. If you know what you’ll be bringing, post a little confirmation comment on the RSVP thread wall so everyone knows and send a little note to so we can make sure the right tables and serving appointments are ready as necessary.


Now, from so many folks who have already RSVP’d based on our online events notices, we are getting a tremendous amount of inquiries about “when is the next event”. The best way to find out and to keep in touch is to watch and use the event calendar dates (posted along the right hand side of the page) to keep your daybook penciled in and up to date. Then, be sure you have joined the Italianizzato Club group here on Facebook by clicking this link (and share it with ALL your friends so we can grow attendance at our events):

As always, if you have an event coming up that is related to or could include Italian cars or is for a great charity and you think members of the Italianizzato Club should attend, just email to arrange having the event posted on the calendar.


Regarding events notifications of a professional sort, be sure you have added Jack Davis and Kae Davis as friends on LinkedIN. We often use LinkedIN as a resource to find vendors, sponsors, and special guests at Italianizzato Club Events. We also host a club there in their online groups section called “Playing In Traffic”. Now that we’ve built the group to a healthy number of participants from the car world across the nation, we’re able to keep people connected with good folks who love Italian vehicles and car racing no matter what their business or region. Look for us at the following links: via via


Regarding how to get involved as an event or media partner for the promotion of any event: if you are a small business owner and would like to set up a vendor table for the day of the event, we encourage you to contact us. We’ve asked vendors to be on site and set up early to work with walk in traffic throughout the day in order to promote attendance at the event. We’re encouraging those folks to share an eblast invitation to their clients this week. Though we do not expect this to be one of our normal huge events (as it is an informal occasion), it is a fun way to spend the day and to have pictures of your trade wares or art taken alongside some amazingly pristine Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris and to meet those other club members who participate with charity benefits and other trade shows throughout the region. Email for more information. We’re also delighted to have social networking media partners credited for helping promote any event as well.


Last but not least, if you are a member of a car club or online forum, please create a thread for this get together and help us invite the public. It will be a great spot to post pictures after the event, and a way to build guest attendance for future events. With so many Italianizzato events promoting various wonderful charities and so often including all ages of family, coming to our events is a great way to promote a stronger and more connected sense of community (especially by being able to share event experiences with close personal friends and family).


It’s Spring. Now that the world is thawing out, it’s time to resume the tradition of visiting with car and motorcycle club friends again.

Thank you all for your participation, assistance growing our Italianizzato group, and for your unwavering love for all things Italian. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, as always, stay safe, live well, and PLAY IN TRAFFIC.

Kindest regards,

The Davis Family

Friday, April 10, 2009

Italianizzato Club Members Rally to Join Sotta Sopra Italian Restaurant’s April 15, 2009 Charity Benefit “Dollar Pasta Night”

Click the Image to RSVP

Click the Image to RSVP

Sotta Sopra Restaurant offers Tax Relief to Diners on Wednesday, April 15th 2009

Friends and family of Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari fans living in the Baltimore region listen up. Wednesday, April 15th is not just tax day–it ‘s a special date to visit with other Italian cuisine and Exotic car lovers while doing some Italianizzato Club good for the community.

Starting at 6:00pm, we’ll be rallying together and meeting for a special after hours tour of the “new” SoCal owned Maserati of Baltimore facility. Located at 1630 York Road in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland, hosts Jack Davis and Alfred Ramos will be giving visitors a relaxed showing of the facility.

The bewitching hour is 7:00pm, when guests can elect to car pool or caravan down the I-83 corridor for a sunset rally through the colors of spring, leading down to historic Old Baltimore. There, participants will meet-up at Sotta Sopra “Cucina Italiana” for a very special tax day treat: DOLLAR PASTA NIGHT.

Here’s the details:

“Dollar Pasta Night – dine at Sotto Sopra Restaurant on tax night, Wednesday, April 15th, make a cash or check donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and/or Our Daily Bread and for just one dollar ($1) you can order from a selection of nine pastas – it is that simple.”

Offering guests a choice of the regular menu items or special $1.00 pasta dishes sure to take a bite out of the sting of any tax payments due that day, the restaurant will be donating a portion of the funds raised to these special charities.

To RSVP to meet at Maserati of Baltimore and drive to dinner together, please click the following link:

RSVP to the ITALIANIZZATO CLUB DINNER April 15, 2009 at Sotta Sopra

For those who wish to simply join the group for dinner at the restaurant, bypassing the exotic car dealership tour and special short fun run drive, please RSVP and leave a note in the comment section about your intention.

sotta sopra welcomes italian consul francesco legaluppi and maserati of baltimore manager jack davis

Maserati Fans at Sotta Sopra 2009

Well be calling ahead to the restaurant to reserve a block of tables according to response, with a projected time of arrival at the restaurant at 8pm.

Dollar Pasta Night… brilliant, Sotta Sopra!

Three cheers for Charity Benefit Dining!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
5:00pm – 10:00pm
Sotto Sopra Restaurant
405 N. Charles Street
Old Baltimore, MD

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweetheart Social Valentines Day Event Gets Sweeter: Maserati of Baltimore Event Welcomes Back World Famous Pastry Shop Vaccaro’s of Little Italy as Vendor for the Event while also getting some pretty Great Italianizzato Club Press from Community Media Friends

Valentine Event VENDORS and SPONSORS: Maserati of Baltimore Sweetheart Social Offers Singles and Couples a Fun Alternative Things to Do for Valentines Day in DC Metro Region

Special Thanks to Nick and Maria Vaccaro for providing us with fresh cannoli and to the Italian Consul’s daughter and neice who are volunteering to help us prepare and serve these Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry treat on site at Maserati for the Sweetheart Social. If you don’t already know about Vaccarro’s in Baltimore’s Little Italy, the pastry shop is LEGENDARY!

Only a few tickets remain to the Valentines Day Sweetheart Social. Space for this event is limited due to so many great vendors and sponsors participating.  Discount couples tickets ($40 a couple) have been extended on sale until 2/13/2009 or the last 20 couples sell out. Individual tickets are still available at $25 per person.

All tickets include free wind tasting, free chocolate party (buffet sampling of the best chocolate truffles, barks, hand-dipped dried fruit, and fresh chocolate covered strawberries), dessert pastry samples, cappuccino or hot cocoa, rum cocktails, and cognac night cap.

To buy your tickets CLICK BELOW:

Additional thanks to writer Sarah Gilbert Fox of Baltimore Style Magazine for all the great write ups, the Baltimore Sun for helping us get the word about this special March of Dimes charity event out, and to Baltimore Examiner society columnist Anne Boone Simanski–Baltimore’s own new “Socially Speaking Anne”–for talking us up on radio station and sports talk program segments on WVIE-1370.

Cheers, all… see you Saturday, Valentine!

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